Mark and Bavarian totally inspected a 1976 2002 that I bought from a private party that actually would not start when I got it home. He and his team did a thorough inspection which found the cause (a faulty carb) and made a punch list of other things they felt should eventually be repaired. Nothing major which gave me major peace of mind knowing that I did not buy a total liability! Car ran great and I drove from the shop in the Valley all the way to my office in Santa Monica with no fear or issues. Thanks!


Marc and his team set a very high standard for the shop. I've been a customer for 10 years now and he has serviced 4 different cars for my family in that time. If you'd like the right people working on your car, bring it here.


Great service as always!!


My 2002 325i drives like new after the expert work at Bavarian Workshop. I'm a devoted customer and will continue to have my car serviced with Marc and his team.


Even though we have to drive 20 miles each way, we have been taking our BMWs to Marc Norris since 2008. His prices are fair. His work is superb. He does the work that is needed and does not try to sell us ups and extras. We cannot say enough good things about this shop.


Mark very professional, easy to work with. Would not hesitate to bring my vehicle back or recommend them.


I too kmy Bmw to this shop for hard start condition. With outrageous diagnostic price of $133.00. I accepted and asked him to find the problem and fix it. So they came up after checking the entire fuel system as they wrote..Fuel filter needs to be replaced. $345.17 on top of the $133.00 diagnostic charges.. for a total of $487.55. I asked him to go ahead and fix it once and for all. Guess what .. After the job is finished , he tells me that the fuel pump needs to be replaced in order the car work properly. I am out of $487.15 and still the same problem , hard start is still there. Now he wants $800.00 to replace the fuel pump. What a pure fraud, wrong diagnostics to charge additional money and labor. he simply replaced my good fuel filter to make more money overall.

First let me say: I am sorry you are unhappy with our service. As explained to you when we worked on your car, there is a process involved in troubleshooting cars. The first order of business is to understand the operation of the system(s). With the complaint of hard start we add a fuel pressure gauge to the vehicle to monitor the pressures, We then follow the path of the fuel blocking it off at certain spots to see the result of it maintaining pressure. The first item in that path is the fuel filter with integral regulator. This is one of the items that controls fuel pressure and residual pressure. After recommending replacement we still did not see the results that we were looking for. Our next step was to replace the fuel pump. That service was declined. After that you called back and asked me to install a used pump for free. We can't work for free, and there was no doubt about the way we carried out our diagnosis. That left you unsatisfied, I am sorry for that, but we took every step in a logical, professional manner.- Bavarian Workshop

I appreciate the quick attention given to reviewing the leaking coolant issue and of course the outcome could not have been better! Thanks Mark and Team Bavaria!!


This the best place in the valley area to service your BMW or any other German car. Very professional and reasonable. I have been servicing my car here for past 3 years.


Always happy with the service from this shop