How Important is Maintenance? Stay Up On Your Fluids

At Bavarian Workshop, our auto mechanics continue to preach the importance of preventative maintenance to our clients reigning from West Hills, Calabasas, and Woodland Hills. To keep your German automobile in pristine condition to avoid expensive and even dangerous auto repair, maintenance of your car’s fluids are a complete must. Everyone loves a car that performs well. Whether on the race track or the streets in our communities of West Hills, Calabasas, and Woodland Hills, BMWs have a reputation for being fabulous cars to drive and own. But what role does maintenance play in the performance of your vehicle? The fact of the matter is that regular maintenance is key to keeping your car in good working order. One essential, but often overlooked way to maintain your vehicle is by keeping up with your fluids. At Bavarian Workshop, there are seven key fluids that we check regularly. Brake fluid is an obvious one, and so is oil. Your car needs to have adequate oil to keep the par ... read more



Marc Norris and the Local Track Day Scene

Marc Norris and his team of auto mechanics live and breathe BMWs. At Bavarian Workshop in West Hills, near both Calabasas and Woodland Hills, Marc and his team set the industry standard for BMW auto repair. As a testament to his love for BMW and other German vehicles, Marc Norris and his team can be found at the local track day scene on most weekends. Marc’s passion for “The Ultimate Driving Machine” often propels him to the local Track Days, where he goes racing twice a month. Marc loves to race and finds ways to carry over principles of race car driving into street driving. As a passionate evangelist for factory-maintained vehicles as well as a meticulous mechanic who loves custom builds, Marc takes his knowledge of race driving and carries it over to street driving. Marc, the owner of Bavarian Workshop, says that many of the principles of race car driving can improve your street driving in the regions of West Hills, Calabasas, and Woodland Hills, as well. For e ... read more



On Again, Off Again

No I'm not talking about that relationship you're in, I'm talking about the “Check Engine, or “Service Engine Soon” light in the dash of your car. I know it was on a couple of months ago, but it has reared its ugly head again. So you bring it to your local repair shop thinking that it’s the same problem again, and you’re angry. “Why is this light back on, you just fixed it!” Your service manager reassures you in that calm voice that “we’ll look into it and let you know what’s going on.” What you don’t know is that the check engine light monitors many things. Misfires, which includes the spark plugs and the ignition coils. Fuel mixture, which includes the fuel injectors, the intake manifold, the crankcase ventilation system, and the oxygen sensors. Evaporative control, which includes the fuel cap, the fuel tank, vapor recovery tank, the evaporative testing pump, and the purge control valve. The ex ... read more

The 5 Reasons You Should Do An Intake System Cleaning On Your Car

If your car is running rough, hesitating or stalling when it is cold, you might have excessive carbon buildup on the intake valves. We usually see this happening to vehicles with 50K or more miles on them. The carbon is buildup is caused by oil seeping past the intake valve seals which is normal, and from blow by gases from the crankcase which is also normal. Shell, Chevron, Mobil and the other refiners blend gasoline with high detergent levels to clean the fuel injectors and intake valves. The detergents are formulated to inhibit and remove carbon deposits. This works on engines with port injection, but not with direct injection. So what makes the difference? Port injection engines have fuel injectors that spray gasoline right onto the intake valves. Using high detergent Top Tier gasoline in a port injection engine can clean the intake valves reducing carbon deposits. Direct injection engines spray the fuel directly into the combustion chambers. Since the fuel is no longer being sp ... read more

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