I'm really shocked to read these reviews. In reference to "Chad C's" review, I know Betty and the gang at 7's only very well, and I also know Bavarian Workshop. I own a business in motorsports and deal with many shops across the country, including BMW shops. In my mind, Bavarian Workshop is a first-class shop. I'm curious how much effort any of the people here made to let Marc and the gang resolve these issues. I own a business where we've had many customers work with Bavarian, and I've spent a lot of time there. They bend over backwards to make sure everyone leaves there satisfied and they do great work.If anyone has doubts, I advise you stop by there. Their shop is spotless. They are always very busy but everything is orderly. They have a very loyal customer base and do very high end work. I am disappointed to read these reviews and all I can say is before you rule these guys out, please just call, go over there and access the situation yourselves. Ask for Marc and bring these reviews up directly, see what he has to say.In full disclosure, I own a business that does work with Bavarian Workshop. Marc doesn't know I've posted this and my only motivation here is to help a good guy who does good work.Yelp originally deleted my review because they said it "lacks a substantive first-hand experience. When reviewing, please describe your actual experience with a business."So here you go:When I first met Marc, I asked if he could work on my personal 1999 Audi A4 2.8 Quattro. Despite the fact they are a BMW, not Audi shop and I barely knew him, he said it was no problem and asked me to bring it in.At the time, my Audi had 171,000 miles and had a lot of small problems. It was well past due its timing-belt replacement service interval and just looked and drove like a worn out car. Marc sat me down and discussed what we wanted to do with the car and what the budget was. I told him that I wanted it to last 200,000 miles and be nearly perfect. He followed up via email and phone calls, and the next week he arranged for us to have a rental car as a loaner while they jumped headfirst into it. Marc and his crew found a bunch of small problems including an oil leak, a coolant leak, and a leaky steering rack. They took me out to the shop and showed me in detail what was wrong, and explained what it would take to fix it. They found brake caliper sliders were incorrectly installed by another shop - I just thought I had noisy brake pads. This was causing very uneven pad wear and poor performance. In addition to what they found, they also replaced bodyside moulding and a broken taillight. The detailed the car and had an upholsterer fix a tear in the front seat. They replaced the hood struts that weren't staying up. They replaced CV boots. They went through and made sure everything was tight and secure.Now you might thing this is very expensive - but Marc recognized the fact that we were long-term customers and colleagues and gave us an incredible discount. I spend 8 years as a professional mechanic, so he gave me full access to his techs and the shop to ensure that none of the repairs were unnecessary or expensive. The entire crew their spent countless hours on the phone with me and my wife to ensure that this old Audi would be transformed into a like-new car. When they delivered the car, they had it completely detailed.The significant part of this story is the attention to detail they put into the job. When I picked up the car, I noticed they had lubricated EVERYTHING. The door hinges and hood release mechanism had a coating of fresh grease. They had gone through the trouble of fixing a sagging bumper cover with broken mounts - and this was no where on the invoice. They didn't charge a penny for detailing my car, even though their guy went as far to clean the sides of the seats, the truck area and all the A/C vents. The more I looked, the more I saw little details that they had tended to that were not on the invoice; the kinds of things most people only do to their own cars.On year and 15,000 miles later the work he did is flawless. They have now worked on a number of our customers cars and the feedback has been impressive.Seriously, this shop has a cult of believers in the work they do. If you doubt this, go to any of the BMW Web forums and search for them. Among the car enthusiast community, you won't find a single detractor.-Neel

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