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Marc Norris Featured in RetroMod Article – The Replacement: BMW E30 M3 Convertible

“As one of Southern California’s most well respected BMW technicians, it’s no surprise that Marc Norris has owned a lot of BMWs over the years. And they’re usually special examples. Years ago I covered a pair of modified Z3 Ms that owned, A Coupe and a Roadster. The Coupe was built by Norris’ shop…” 

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Marc Norris Featured In Jalopnik Article – An E46 M3 Wagon Would Have Been The Best BMW

“I recently met Marc Norris at a local car meet and he casually mentioned he’d built an E46 M3 wagon. I immediately hypnotized him and while under my control I convinced him to let me drive it sometime. Well, sometime came quickly and now everything is different.) … “

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Owner Marc Norris is quoted in the GQ Article : Why We Love “Ugly” Sports Cars From the ’80s and ’90s Now More Than Ever.

“You think it and the car does it. It’s just a phenomenal car to drive. “
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Owner Marc Norris Featured on The Smoking Tire
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