Expert Oil Leak Repairs at Bavarian Workshop

Oil is essential to your engine running the way it should, so when you have an oil leak, you need to have it taken care of as soon as possible. When you drive a German vehicle, though, it can be hard to find a mechanic who truly understands the demands of your vehicle. At Bavarian Workshop, we’re passionate about German vehicles and have decades of experience in taking care of brands like:

Service for All models of:

Common Oil Leak Signs

  • Oil Stains on the Ground: One of the most obvious signs is noticing dark brown or black spots under your car after it’s been parked.
  • Burning Oil Smell: If you smell burning oil, it could indicate that leaking oil is dripping onto hot parts of the engine or exhaust system.
  • Smoke from the Engine Area: If oil leaks onto exhaust components, it can cause smoke to come from the engine bay.
  • Engine Overheating: In addition to lubricating the engine, oil also helps keep it cool. If your oil level gets too low, you may find your engine overheating.
  • Low Oil Level: If you find your oil level consistently getting low, even after topping it off, it usually means there’s a leak somewhere.

A Legacy of Trust and Excellence Since 1994

Since our establishment in 1994, Bavarian Workshop has been the go-to destination for German auto owners in West Hills and the surrounding communities. We take pride in our deep-rooted history of serving clients from:

Why Choose Bavarian Workshop for Your Oil Leak Repairs?

  • Expertise: Our mechanics are ASE-certified and have years of experience working on cars just like yours.
  • Quality Service: We only use OEM parts, so you can always trust that our repairs will be reliable.
  • Customer-Centric: We’re not just about cars — we’re about car owners. We take the time to keep you informed throughout the repair process and provide you with the best customer service possible.
  • Convenience: Our garage is located conveniently in West Hills, so drivers from Agoura, Calabasas, and Woodland Hills can get to us quickly and easily.

Get Back on the Road with Confidence

At Bavarian Workshop, we’re passionate about German vehicles and want to help you keep yours at its best. If you suspect an oil leak in your car, call or stop by today to learn how we can help you find and take care of the leak so you can get back to enjoying your drive.

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