Jay Leno’s Garage Showcases 1976 BMW 2002 from Bavarian Workshop


Marc Norris, founder of Bavarian Workshop, stopped by Jay Leno’s Garage with this beautiful 1976 BMW 2002 resto-mod. The BMW 2002 remains a cherished part of any fan’s dream garage and finding one in good condition is challenging these days. While it takes a good amount of time and money to get a classic BMW 2002 into such great condition, according to Jay Leno this 1976 model is the perfect example of a truly tasteful restoration job.

Bearing much of the responsibility for elevating the German Brand’s performance reputation in the United States, the BMW 2002 wasn’t BMW’s first vehicle made available in the US. The powerful 2.0 liter four-cylinder and light weight were an irresistible combination for car enthusiasts and ultimately proved to be a solid platform for aftermarket upgrades as the years passed. The BMW 2000 four-door led the pack of sporty compact sedans prior to the BMW 3-Series. After the 3-Series launch in 1975, the aging 2002 began to lose traction but remained in production until 1976.

This BMW 2002 overhauled by Bavarian Workshop was built for a customer of Marc Norris’ about a decade ago, who wanted their father’s car restored.  Although the car sat for many years without being driven, it was in good shape and ended up being a great platform for a remodel. Norris’ Bavarian Workshop overhauled the car  adding a 2.3 liter S14 four cylinder from an 89 E30 M3 and a five-speed manual. To take advantage of the extra power, Bavarian Workshop added 2002 Turbo Fender Flares over 16 inch wheels. Norris also upgraded the suspension and brakes with Wilwood which provided the stopping power.  The interior includes seats from a newer BMW 320i that were recovered in Nappa leather. Finally, Dynamat was used in the trunk to quell some of the noise. While this BMW 2002 has double the horsepower of a new model, it retains the character of a 1970s BMW thanks to the clever rebuild.

Watch as Jay Leno takes this beauty for a spin. Calling the BMW 2002 the first true sports sedan, Leno tells Marc Norris that this is his favorite kind of resto-mod, offering great balance, a classic look and feel but with modern power and braking. According to Jay, this 1976 BMW is exactly what a BMW resto-mod should be. If you listen closely you can even hear the M3 engine sing through the slightly muffled exhaust.
Like what you see? Bavarian Workshop is the oldest BMW repair facility in the Los Angeles area. Due to demand, they now not only offer personalized service for BMW and MINI models but also most Porsche, VW, Mercedes, and Audis as well.  Bavarian Workshop has been the German car specialist in West Hills since 1978. Give Bavarian Workshop a call at 818-346-9363.

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