Have you ever asked yourself why it suddenly becomes difficult to turn the wheel of your Mini? It might be due to a failing steering pump. A Mini’s power steering pump is one of the components of the steering system that is used to make steering easier. It employs hydraulic fluid to generate force that enables you to rotate the steering wheel easily. Without it, turning your vehicle would be much more challenging, particularly at slow speeds.

If you own a Mini car and you are having a problem with this component, you must take it to a mechanic to get it checked out. It is important that you know what you can do to rectify it. Knowing these can help you avoid problems and keep your Mini running at its best. Let’s get into detail!

How to Tackle Power Steering Pump Failure

  • Check the Fluid Level: Firstly, you should check the level of the fluid. The steering fluid reservoir is normally located in the engine compartment, near the power steering pump. Take the cap off the container and look at the level of the fluid. If the power steering fluid is low, then add the right type of power steering fluid for your Mini. This simple step can sometimes solve the problem if it is detected early enough.
  • Inspect for Leaks: Go and check the area beneath your car or close to the power steering pump for any sign of fluid dripping. Power steering fluid can be red or pink. If you were able to identify a leak, it is best to try and locate the source of the leak. Some of the usual places where leaks may occur are the hose, the pump, and the reservoir. Reparative work may require a change of a hose, tightening of a connection, or sealing a crack.
  • Listen for Noises: Switch on your Mini and without applying much force on the wheel, try to rotate the wheel from left to right. Look for signs of wear and tear such as grinding, metallic noises, screeching, or any other strange sound. Some of these sounds can be because of low hydraulic pressure which makes the pump fail to deliver the necessary pressure. Such noises can assist in determining if the steering pump is the problem.
  • Check the Belt: Check the drive belt that is responsible for the steering pump. The belt should be in a good state with no cracks, frayed edges, or signs of undue stress and wear. It should also be the right tension– not extremely tight or very relaxed. A belt that is old or not tightened properly may shift when in use; this affects the functioning of the pump. If the belt looks worn out or is not tight enough on the pulleys, then it is recommended that you replace it.
  • Flush the System: Sometimes, issues may occur when the fluid is old or contains contaminants. Power steering flushing involves removing the old fluid from the power steering system and replacing it with new clean fluid. This process can help in eradicating the contamination that may stop the pump from working as expected.
  • Replace the Pump: If the problem still persists, then it might be necessary to replace the power steering pump. This is slightly more complicated and may need the assistance of a professional if you are not comfortable with cars. It is recommended to go to a mechanic who can identify the problem and possibly replace the pump if that is the cause of the problem.

MINI Power Steering Pump Inspection

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