When was the last time you had your Mercedes’ thermostat checked?

There is a specific temperature range within which an internal combustion engine works the best. To make sure that the engine temperature stays within that particular range- cars come equipped with cooling systems. Being an important part of the cooling system, the thermostat plays a crucial role in regulating engine temperature by controlling the flow of coolant. Should a part of such significance act up, the engine may overheat.

Today’s blog post discusses some of the early warnings of thermostat failure in Mercedes cars and things that can be done about it. It is therefore advised that you read this blog post till the very end.

Clues To Look For

If you get a feeling that your Mercedes’ thermostat is acting up, look for the following signs before jumping to a conclusion.

Clue #1- Erratic temperature fluctuations

Has your Mercedes’ engine temperature gauge been jumping around or consistently displaying abnormally high or low readings lately? Controlled circulation of coolant is what keeps the engine temperature stable. If there is something off with the thermostat, coolant circulation may become highly irregular. This is something that might cause the engine temperature to fluctuate erratically and may even potentially cause overheating.

Clue #2- Coolant leak

Coolant will leak out of your vehicle if its thermostat housing is cracked or one of the seals of the assembly is damaged. Have your vehicle checked by a certified professional to conclude if a defective thermostat housing or a cracked seal is indeed the source of the leak. Some of the other reasons why coolant may leak out of your Mercedes include a cracked hose, a defective water pump seal, and a damaged radiator.

Clue #3- Reduced fuel efficiency

More frequent trips to the fuel pump could also point to a thermostat issue in your vehicle. Yup, you read that right… if there is something off with your Mercedes’ thermostat, it may prompt the engine to run cooler than usual. This is something that might result in increased fuel consumption among other issues. Bad gas mileage could also point to an array of other issues in a vehicle.

Clue #4- Check engine light

A glitch in the thermostat can significantly diminish a vehicle’s cooling system efficiency. It might contribute to sluggish engine performance, reduced fuel efficiency, and an array of other performance issues. And yes… it may even trick the onboard computer into activating the check engine light. So if your Mercedes engine is running hot and its check engine light is on, have a professional check on its cooling system parts- the thermostat in particular.

Do This If You Suspect Thermostat Issue

#1- Pull over immediately

If your Mercedes’ temperature gauge is displaying abnormal readings and you think the thermostat has something to do with it, pull over to the side of the road immediately. Turn off the engine and wait for a while. Once the engine cools down, carefully check the thermostat housing for signs of damage marks.

#2- Check for leaks

If coolant is leaking out of your Mercedes’ thermostat housing or one of the hoses connected to the thermostat housing is damaged, it is a sign of trouble and should not be taken for granted. Another important thing that you should do is to Inspect the coolant reservoir and check if coolant level has depleted below the minimum mark.

#3- Seek professional help

If you are certain that there is something off with your vehicle’s thermostat, it is time you reach out to a nearby auto service center to find out what exactly went wrong with a part that’s meant to last indefinitely. Upon reaching the service center explain the nature of the issue you are currently dealing with.

Mercedes Thermostat Inspection

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The thermostat plays a crucial role in keeping the engine temperature stable. As with any other cooling system parts, it deserves its fair share of care. If your Mercedes’ thermostat gives up because of aging or a mechanical deformity, you might have to deal with a myriad of drivability problems including overheating.

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