Fuel economy is one of the more important features that one looks for in a vehicle. Different Mercedes models vary in their fuel consumption. As an owner of this luxury vehicle, you expect a comfortable journey that is synonymous with driving a Mercedes.

  • Fuel efficiency is the capability of the car to obtain energy from the fuel. The more energy the car can get the greater the fuel efficiency.
  • Fuel economy is a measure of how far a vehicle will travel with a gallon of fuel, and it is expressed in miles per gallon.
  • Fuel consumption is the inverse of fuel economy. It is the amount of fuel consumed in driving a given distance. It is measured in the US in gallons per 100 miles.

Let us unpack with you how you can save money and get the most fuel efficiency from your Mercedes.

Benefits of a Fuel-Efficient Car

  • Lessens the carbon emission or air pollution
  • Saves money on fuel expenses
  • Increases our sustainable energy

What is the cause of decreased fuel economy?

  • Issues with the engine
  • An incorrect grade of engine oil used
  • Poor quality of fuel
  • Constantly running the air conditioner
  • Worn tires
  • Poor maintenance
  • Frequent short trips
  • Driving in the wrong gear
  • Having an erratic driving style
  • Worn out clutch
  • Unnecessary idling
  • Overloading the vehicle during towing or hauling

Ways to Increase Fuel Efficiency

  • Optimal Tire Pressure: You should always ensure that your tires are optimally filled. If you follow the manufacturer’s recommended level you’ll be on the right track. A good practice is to get your tires checked every time you fill fuel. Over-filled tires are also not ideal as they will negatively impact your fuel consumption.
  • Changing Gears Smoothly: Have you wondered why you are encouraged to drive your car respectfully? Hard braking and rough acceleration, together with roughly changing gears, negatively affects your Mercedes fuel efficiency.
  • Less Short Trips: Every time you start your car, you consume extra fuel. Therefore, it makes sense that a few short trips will consume more fuel than a longer trip. A good way to keep fuel efficiency high is to consolidate and plan trips.
  • Keep the Windows Closed: Contrary to popular belief, driving with the windows up at high speeds will save you more fuel. Even if the windows are partly open, they will increase the drag and drain your fuel more quickly.
  • Carry Light Loads: When you carry a heavy load, you will naturally use more fuel. Regularly clear out anything that you may be lugging around unnecessarily. When your trunk is empty you will immediately notice your fuel consumption stabilize.
  • Idling in Heavy Traffic: The ECO Start/Stop system is designed to help save fuel and reduce emissions from your Mercedes-Benz. When you come to a complete stop and the engine is not needed, like when at a stoplight, your Mercedes-Benz will automatically shut off the engine.
  • Clean Air Filters: Getting your car serviced regularly is important. The air and oil need to be cleaned regularly. Clogged, dirty filters increase fuel consumption. A serviced engine will also consume less fuel, so don’t ignore the schedule.
  • Use A Traffic App And Plan Your Route: This may seem rather labor-intensive, but before your trip, choose your route carefully. Delays due to traffic lights and congestion can be minimized. Also, start 10 minutes before rush hour starts, especially if you’re a daily commuter, to avoid getting stuck idling in traffic.

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