The suspension system is an essential part of your Mercedes. It is composed of many parts that work together to deliver a smooth, comfortable ride. Over time, the components that make up the suspension will experience wear, and they can fail. If this happens, the suspension may begin to make strange noises.

If roads were perfectly smooth and void of potholes, your Mercedes suspension would last a lot longer. However, these road imperfections and road debris are something we have to deal with daily. When the components of the suspension system experience damage, you may hear strange noises and experience a rougher ride.

The rear suspension of a Mercedes is often defined as a five-link rear suspension. It has 5 arms that support the suspension. These arms are designed to smooth out the ride and absorb shock. Additionally, they give you better control of the vehicle. Let’s take a closer look at how these parts become damaged and signs that will point to this problem.

Common Components of a Suspension System

The suspension system is made up of several components. The most common parts are:

●      Shock Absorbers: The shock absorbers help absorb shock from the springs and suspension. They help control the motion of the springs. The shock absorbers are vital for keeping your tires in contact with the ground.

●      Springs: Springs expand and contract, absorbing impact from rough roads. They reduce bouncing and help keep the car from hitting the road.

●      Anti-Roll Bars: The anti-roll bars add stability to your Mercedes. They distribute the weight in the car, reducing the possibility of a roll-over.

Suspension Noises in a Mercedes

Below are some common noises a faulty suspension system may make. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, call the experts at Bavarian Workshop to have the issue diagnosed and fixed.

●      Knocking: Knocking noises are often caused by worn-out shocks. When the shocks wear out, you may experience more bouncing when driving over rough terrain. Your Mercedes may also lean to one side.

●      Squealing: Worn-out suspension bushings can cause squealing noises.

●      Sound of a Rusty Hinge: A rusty hinge sound often means there is an issue with the ball joints.

●      Rattling: There are several components that can make a rattling noise. If you hear a rattle, have the mechanics at Bavarian Workshop diagnose the problem at once.

What Causes a Noisy Rear Suspension in a Mercedes?

The suspension in your Mercedes is complex and every part should be in good working condition. If there is an issue with any part, your ride can be compromised. Any component that is broken or damaged can have an impact on the way your car handles. This can make it dangerous to drive your car with a damaged rear suspension. Here are some of the most common reasons why there is noise coming from your rear suspension:

●      Damaged Ball Joints: If you are hearing the noise when you are turning a corner, it is probably caused by a damaged ball joint. When a ball joint is damaged, it will not be able to move smoothly.

●      Worn-out Suspension Bushing: Suspension bushings are made of rubber. Over time, they can wear out. When this happens, they are no longer able to absorb vibrations or soften noises.

●      Improper Lubrication: The biggest reason for a noisy rear suspension is improper lubrication. The suspension has many moving parts that need to be lubricated. If there is not enough lubrication, they will grind against each other, causing damage and premature failure.

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