Volkswagens are stylish, reliable, fuel-efficient vehicles that can still suffer from reduced gas mileage due to fuel consumption problems. Thankfully, there are things you can do to help prevent this from happening, and if it does happen, there are several signs to alert you to the problem.

Tire Issues
If your tires are not inflated to the proper pressure, the car has to work harder to move due to increased resistance between the tires and the road, which requires more fuel. Normally, the recommended pressure (PSI) for your tires is found on a sticker inside the door jamb of your car. If you are unable to locate it, refer to your owner’s manual to find the proper tire pressure.

Fuel Injector Problems
For every cylinder your Volkswagen has, you have one fuel injector. They inject the fuel into the combustion chamber. This fuel is mixed with a specific amount of air to be ignited. Sometimes the injectors get damaged, or their fine tips get clogged, leading to trouble with the fuel spray itself. When this happens, your Volkswagen is very likely to suffer from reduced gas mileage and greater fuel consumption.

Wrong Engine Oil
Every vehicle has specifications as to which engine oil should be used. It is important to adhere to these specifications, otherwise you risk engine damage. Your engine is likely to run harder, leading to higher fuel consumption. This is because your car is unable to use oil as efficiently as possible, and there might be issues with heightened friction inside the engine. The wrong type of oil might not lubricate the engine properly, which increases friction and wear on the engine. Note that you can also have a similar issue even if you use the correct oil if you do not change it at scheduled intervals. Old oil can cause just as much damage as wrong oil.

Spark Plug Issues
The spark plugs are responsible for igniting the air/fuel mixture in the combustion chamber. If one or more malfunctions, fuel will not be used efficiently and it is likely consumption will increase. Each cylinder has a spark plug, so the problem might be with one or more of the plugs, but even one failed spark plug can lead to increased fuel consumption.

Lack of Oxygen
As previously mentioned, an air/fuel mixture is ignited inside the combustion chamber. If there is insufficient air, the ratio of air to fuel is compromised and oftentimes more fuel ends up being used. Problems with oxygen might be due to blockages in the engine’s air filter or problems with the oxygen sensors (often referred to as O2 sensors) situated in the car’s exhaust system.

Driving Style and Conditions
If you have to drive your Volkswagen with a heavy load, it will require more fuel to operate. The same is true if you have to drive up steep hills. Some of this might be unavoidable, such as needing to carry materials in your vehicle for work, or living in a particularly hilly area. However, you can modify your driving habits to be more conducive to fuel economy. For example, hard acceleration uses more fuel than steady, smooth acceleration.

As can be gleaned from the above list, there are many causes of increased fuel consumption. Also, many of these symptoms are due to other problems as well, complicating the diagnostic process. It is a good idea to have your Volkswagen serviced by qualified professionals who will use modern equipment to accurately pinpoint the reason for increased fuel consumption in your vehicle.


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