The BMW is among the most notable high-performance brands in the world. For the BMW to continuously provide excellent performance, all the engine components need to be working in tip-top shape. So when the fuel injector in your BMW develops issues, you’ll have to bid adieu to performance excellence as you know it.

This small component in the engine serves one of the most important roles in performance so when it has issues, you’ll need to react fast. The fuel injector is the part of the engine that is responsible for the delivery of fuel into the engine’s combustion chamber. Here, it is ignited to produce the energy. It is this energy that is responsible for propelling your car forward.

For this process to go smoothly, the fuel injector has to deliver the fuel into the combustion chamber at a very high pressure. This pressure is what causes the ignition to spark and burn the fuel. The fuel injector is quite literally the component in your BMW’s engine that enables you to drive from point A to point B. This is why when it develops any kind of issues, your driving experience will be noticeably different.

If your fuel injector fails, it can create even bigger problems in your car if it breaks down. Let’s discuss why this important vehicle component develops issues in such a well-designed car like a BMW.

Common Causes of Fuel Injector Problems

When it comes to fuel injector issues, the leading culprit is using the wrong oil. Like with most foreign luxury brands, the BMW manufacturers also have a list of recommended oils that you should use in your engine. The high quality ingredients in these specific oils make the difference between a clogged fuel injector and a well-functioning one.

Poor quality fuel attracts dust and other impurities like a magnet, which causes a buildup in the fuel injector. This is why you should only use manufacturer recommended products in your car.

Faulty filters are yet another common cause of fuel injector issues. This is because the fuel filters prevent impurities and foreign material from getting into the fuel injector and causing a clog. At the same time, worn out oil will leave your fuel injector exposed to clogging and cause it to fail.

When the fuel injector has issues, there are some common signs that you’ll notice as you drive.

Common Signs You Can Recognize

One of the most common signs that your fuel injector has problems is that your engine will hesitate to start when you turn the ignition. This is because there’ll be a lack of supply of power from the engine due to low pressure of oil coming from the fuel injector.

Not having enough fuel in the fuel combustion chamber will also cause hesitation when you try to accelerate.

Along with that, your engine may also start misfiring or sputtering, especially when you accelerate. Acceleration requires the engine to burn a little more fuel than it does when you’re driving at a steady speed. A faulty fuel injector will be unable to deliver the correct amount of fuel into the combustion chamber to make this happen.

Fuel injector issues will also cause your BMW to have poor fuel efficiency. This occurs when the engine receives either too little or too much fuel in the combustion chamber. Whichever the case, the engine will have to work harder to cover the inconsistency, so you’ll consume even more fuel.

In addition, with the engine not burning fuel at an optimum level, you’ll find the emissions in your car becoming richer. This is because you’ll be using a lot of fuel and now releasing more carbon emissions into the environment.

Fuel Injector Services at Bavarian Workshop

The only thing that you can do to prevent fuel injector issues is to stick to regular servicing for your car. But if you are already experiencing signs of fuel injector issues, it is safer to seek the help of a BMW specialist for servicing.


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