At Bavarian Workshop, our auto mechanics continue to preach the importance of preventative maintenance to our clients reigning from West Hills, Calabasas, and Woodland Hills. To keep your German automobile in pristine condition to avoid expensive and even dangerous auto repair, maintenance of your car’s fluids are a complete must.

Everyone loves a car that performs well. Whether on the race track or the streets in our communities of West Hills, Calabasas, and Woodland Hills, BMWs have a reputation for being fabulous cars to drive and own. But what role does maintenance play in the performance of your vehicle? The fact of the matter is that regular maintenance is key to keeping your car in good working order.

One essential, but often overlooked way to maintain your vehicle is by keeping up with your fluids. At Bavarian Workshop, there are seven key fluids that we check regularly. Brake fluid is an obvious one, and so is oil. Your car needs to have adequate oil to keep the parts moving well.

Another fluid to watch is power steering fluid. Your car will steer the best if this fluid is maintained regularly. Radiator fluid prevents overheating and is key to keeping your vehicle running in top condition, while transmission fluid lubricates the transmission, preventing a whole host of problems.

During hot summers, air conditioning coolant helps keep the interior of your vehicle cool. Whether you’re fighting the commute or showing off your auto at the racetrack, you don’t want to sweat! Lastly, washer fluid helps keep your windows clean so that you can see the road and other drivers.

Bavarian Workshop can help you maintain all of these fluids and give you that crucial maintenance so that your car can be the very best. Come into Bavarian Workshop in West Hills near Calabasas and Woodland Hills, and our auto mechanics will perform a complimentary multi-point inspection, and even give your car a wash! Book an appointment today and see the difference for yourself! We are conveniently located at 23710 Vanowen Street in West Hills, CA 91307.

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