You may not have heard of a muffler bracket, but it is an important component in your Volkswagen. Otherwise known as an exhaust hanger, the muffler bracket keeps the exhaust pipe fastened to the body of your car, allowing the emissions-control system to function correctly.

Though initially subtle, muffler bracket issues can pile up and eventually substantially damage your Volkswagen. Let’s take you through a muffler bracket’s lifecycle, signs and effects of a defunct muffler bracket, and how we can help.

The Lifecycle of a Muffler Bracket

Especially if your car is old, a muffler bracket’s problems may be no fault of the car operator. Muffler brackets normally last between five and seven years. However, certain conditions, like exposure to large amounts of salt and driving on tough, high-impact terrain may accelerate this process.

You should be especially watchful for signs of a bad muffler bracket if you have been driving your car over 5 years and perhaps after a shorter period if you meet the aforementioned risk factors. You may also damage your muffler bracket in an accident.

Signs you have a muffler-bracket problem

Luckily, there are ways to tell your muffler bracket has a problem. They include the following:

●      Rattle going over speed bumps: Going over speed bumps, you may feel like your car is unusually rattling if your muffler bracket is damaged. This may seem innocuous, but you should not ignore it. This problem can worsen and become a more substantial problem.

●      Banging noise going over bumps: If the muffler bracket continues to detach, you may physically hear the exhaust pipe clang against the body of your car. As you can likely imagine, this is a more serious problem, one you should address ASAP.

●      Exhaust pipe hanging low: Problems with your muffler bracket may cause the exhaust pipe to hang noticeably low. This is a sign that the support offered by the muffler bracket is failing.

●      Falling exhaust pipe: The muffler bracket can fail completely, and your exhaust pipe may scrape against the ground. This is as damaging as it sounds. This is a problem that should prompt a trip to the mechanic immediately. Ideally, deal with this issue before it becomes this severe.

●      Hissing noises from exhaust pipe: Without a functioning muffler bracket for support, your exhaust pipe can develop problematic leaks. This results in a loud, ominous hissing noise as air escapes. This noise may be especially noticeable in cold weather and even more so if the engine itself is cold. You may also notice it while accelerating.

●      Decreased engine performance: Unfortunately, a defective muffler bracket can decrease the performance of your car by undermining acceleration and fuel efficiency, for example. This is a significant problem, as it cuts to the heart of your driving experience.

Decreased fuel efficiency will both cost you money and make your car less eco-friendly. There are many problems that can cause engine underperformance, so you cannot necessarily blame this on a muffler-bracket failure, especially if it does not accompany other signs listed here. Still, engine underperformance is a great reason to take your car to a trained mechanic who can diagnose and fix your problem, muffler bracket or otherwise.

●      Engine misfiring: During an engine misfire, the engine’s all-important combustion reaction fails and your car can jerk aggressively. This is a serious problem, one that renders your Volkswagen unsafe to drive over long distances. Like decreased engine performance, it is a problem with numerous possible culprits, including a bad muffler bracket. It is one that should prompt a swift trip to the mechanic.

Bavarian Workshop for your Volkswagen

It is good practice to bring your car to a certified Volkswagen mechanic during early stages of muffler-bracket failure. You may save your car considerable damage and yourself a significant amount of money by doing repairs early so they do not damage other parts and systems.

Bavarian Workshop is here to help. When you notice these subtle signs of muffler bracket failure, bring your Volkswagen to us in West Hills, California. We are happy to serve your muffler bracket needs in the Los Angeles area. We look forward to earning your trust and your business for all your maintenance and repair needs.

* Volkswagen Teramont image credit goes to:y_carfan.

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