In a Mercedes-Benzfaulty differential is one of the common issues associated with the brand. The differential of your Mercedes plays a vital role in ensuring it reaches peak performance. Also known as differential gears or transaxles, the differentials send each wheel power from the engine and transmission. It is the differential that allows you to have precise control over your vehicle. Instead of both wheels turning simultaneously, one wheel can turn faster or slower than the other, since your outside wheel must cover more distance in a corner than the inside wheel.

No two car brands have the exact differentials. The differentials are what make each car brand unique. Pinion gearsaxle shaftsring gearsside gears, and flange are the components of a differential. However, to keep its functionality intact, one must know to detect a faulty differential, tips to avoid any fault, and the best auto repair shop to fix the fault.

How to Detect a Faulty Differential


●      Differential oil leak: Sometimes, when your differential oil leaks out, you might mistake it for engine oil because that is what you’re conversant with. However, to differentiate both, you need to check for the source after you park your car. If the leak is directly underneath one of your axles, it might be a differential leak. To confirm your suspicion, consult professional mechanics for an inspection.

●      Weird sound: There are several reasons your Mercedes will make strange sounds, and a faulty differential is one of them. Whenever you hear rattling or whirring sounds coming from your car while in motion, it indicates that there’s a problem with your differential. To avoid further damage, have it checked out by an expert immediately.

●      Car vibrations: Like a weird sound, when your car vibrates while in motion, it indicates that something has gone wrong somewhere. Constant jerking of your vehicle is even a more severe sign that needs immediate attention.

●      Strange smell: The differential oil of your car gets old, thickens, and starts burning. The burning is usually a result of not changing the oil frequently. When this starts happening, your gear and steering wheel will begin to seize. If not taken for repair immediately, other parts become affected, and the burning smell will increase.

Other symptoms include contaminated gear differential oil, grinding gears, and uneven tire wear.


How to Avoid Differential Failure

When people buy new cars, they usually ignore the owner’s manual. Owning is more than just knowing how to drive. It is more about having the ability to maintain it, and the first critical step is reading the owner’s manual.

The owner’s manual contains several maintenance protocols for various parts of your car, including the differential. In your owner’s manual, you’ll find maintenance requirements and a schedule for servicing your differential.

According to the manufacturer’s recommendation, the primary servicing routine is to change the differential oil (gear oil). The manual may or may not mention the particular brand of differential oil. In this case, stick to whatever brand you start with and make sure it is high-quality synthetic differential oil. Following the routine strictly is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to avoid faulty differentials.

The Bavarian Workshop will Provide the Help You Need


It is vital to take care of the differential as you do other car parts. In cases where it is faulty and needs repair, you should attend to it immediately. This urgent repair will prevent damage to other regions and help eliminate higher repair costs. For differential repairs in your Mercedes, our Bavarian Workshop is the perfect answer.

Our technicians are ASE-certified and always utilize all the right mechanical skills in their books when assessing faulty differential. We have served drivers and car owners all over AgouraCalabasas, and Woodland Hills, and West Hills, CA.

Bavarian Workshop takes pride in satisfying all our customers with our auto services, maintenance, and repairs. If your Mercedes has any faults or issues, do not hesitate to call us or visit our website to book an appointment immediately. Also, if you want our experts to schedule routine maintenance for the differential components of your Mercedes, contact us today. We’re happy to help you maintain your Mercedes to keep you safe on the roads.


* Mercedes Car image credit goes to:Konev Timur.

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