The goal of a throttle position sensor in a BMW is to guarantee that the correct air-to-fuel mixture is produced to your vehicle’s engine for your BMW to operate at its very best. This sensor is a significant part of your automobile’s fuel management system and is found on the butterfly spindle/shaft of your BMW.

When the throttle position sensor in your BMW is not functioning as it ought to, you will encounter obvious threats that translate into the decline of the performance of the vehicle. This part needs to be replaced as the initial signs of failure are noticed.

It is very important to educate yourself on some of the significant threats that your throttle position sensor encounters that makes it fail. Here are some signs and symptoms of a faulty BMW throttle position sensor:

Engine light switching on constantly

The main and possibly the most common sign that something is wrong with your throttle position sensor could be your check engine light switching on constantly. This sign could accompany many additional signs that would lead to another problem as the symptom above becomes obvious. Failure of this component has serious safety implications and must be checked out immediately by a professional BMW mechanic to get it fixed.

BMW lacks power when accelerated

When your vehicle lacks power when trying to accelerate, it hesitates to accelerate or accelerate itself if you have not pressed the accelerator, it can create dangerous situations for you while driving. When these symptoms show up, it could be that you have a problem with the throttle position sensor.

When a BMW car automatically accelerates, it could mean that the butterfly valve in the throttle mechanism has popped open unexpectedly as the driver puts his foot on the car’s accelerator. When this happens, the car accelerates because the car sensor can no longer detect the throttle’s closed position.

Low speed limit

Your BMW car will accelerate, but it will not outperform a particular speed limit. This speed will usually be low, around 20-30 MPH. This is also another failure symptom of the throttle position sensor, which signifies that it is erroneously reducing the power requested by the accelerator pedal. Your vehicle may accelerate, but it cannot go beyond the 20-30MPH speed limit.

The engine idles slowly and might stall or misfire when stopped

If you begin to experience stalling, rough idling, or engine misfires when your BMW car stops, it could be a sign of a bad throttle position sensor. You can take your vehicle to a qualified BMW mechanic to check it out.

Faulty Gear

You may also experience problems with changing gears. For modern automatic automobile cars like BMW, the transmission will depend on several variables to agree on when and what gear to shift to. These variables include the information provided by the throttle position sensor. If the said part malfunctions, your automatic transmission might experience difficulties.

Uncommon fuel consumption

The throttle position sensor works alongside other sensors to make you drive efficiently and smoothly. When the sensors begin to develop faults, then other components might start working abnormally to compensate for the lack of airflow or its overabundance, as the case may be. Most times, when the sensor becomes faulty, you will notice that the car starts consuming more fuel than usual.

BMW Throttle Position Sensor Check

Seek the Help of a Qualified BMW Mechanic

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