MINIs have remained popular not only for their sporty, customizable exterior but also their go-kart style cornering and quick response to turns. This everyday sports car is possible because of its use of a supercharger. With the proper care and maintenance, such as using supercharger oil, the MINI provides a responsive and fun ride.

Superchargers: The Power Behind Your MINI

Your MINI’s supercharger is an air compressor connected to your engine. It increases the airflow to the engine so your MINI can run properly. Because of this, the supercharger adds extra power to your vehicle, which can lead to greater acceleration and speed. This is what gives MINI the quick responsiveness and ease of cornering you’ve come to love about your car.


Even if you are not interested in extra power and speed, regular maintenance of the supercharger lends itself to fuel efficiency and safer driving. With the extra oxygen that moves through the engine, your MINI can move faster and further with the same amount of fuel. Additionally, the supercharger supplies extra power and traction for better and safer handling of the vehicle.

Supercharger Oil vs. Motor Oil: Do Not Mistake the Two!

The first thing to know about supercharger oil is that it is entirely different from motor oil. While motor oil is used to protect and lubricate your engine, supercharger oil is specifically created to assist the supercharger in its job to compress air.

Supercharger oil has its own place within the supercharger that is separate from the engine’s oil pan. This is to say, do not make the mistake of using motor oil or any other oil in your supercharger.

Supercharger oil is also specifically designed for optimal performance of your supercharger. It adds the lubrication needed for the supercharger belt to run smoothly. Without this lubrication, the supercharger will become dry and will cause friction and grinding that can damage the supercharger or even the engine because they are connected.

The supercharger generates extra heat, but its oil cools the engine so that the entire machine runs correctly. With regular maintenance of your supercharger and supercharger oil, your MINI will have greater power, handling, and fuel efficiency.

Changing the Supercharger Oil in Your MINI

Now that you know that your MINI has a supercharger and that it has its own unique oil that is used to run correctly and efficiently, you may wonder about the process of changing your supercharger oil.

First and foremost is to always check your vehicle’s owner manual, which will provide the best information as to what your car needs and when it needs it. If the manual does not supply a recommended process for supercharger oil (or if you happened to lose the manual), here is our recommendation for when to change your MINI’s supercharger oil:

●      Change it every 50,000 miles: This distance is a good baseline to routinely change your supercharger oil to prevent any damage that can happen from lack of maintenance.

●      Change it if you begin to hear unusual sounds: If you start to hear a grinding or a squealing sound, it is always best to check what is making this sound. Grinding and squealing sounds are telltale signs that your car needs maintenance. However, we recommend changing the supercharger oil before it gets to this point to prevent damage.

While changing supercharger oil can be done at home, it can be a tricky and time-consuming process. It can lead to frustration, and if done incorrectly, it could do more harm than good. It is best to have professional technicians who are knowledgeable in the maintenance of your MINI to inspect your vehicle to ensure that it receives the proper services.

Bavarian Workshop for Your MINI

Bavarian Workshop is an expert German auto repair and service shop. We specialize in the mechanics and technology of German-made cars, like your MINI. Our certified technicians in West Hills, CA, will understand the care necessary for changing the supercharger oil in your MINI, as well as any other services you may need.

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* Mini Cooper Car image credit goes to: Neydtstock.

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