broken water pump could have serious consequences for your BMW, which means it is vital that you know how to recognize symptoms of water pump failure. Fortunately, because the water pump is such an important component of your vehicle, water pump failure produces several symptoms that are fairly easy to notice. Here is everything you need to know about identifying and fixing a faulty water pump.

Top Signs of Water Pump Failure

●      Leaking Coolant: One of the most common causes of water pump failure is corrosion of the seal between the pump and the engine block. When this type of water pump failure occurs, coolant may leak out of the space around the seal. Because the water pump is located under the hood, this may cause puddles of coolant to form on the ground beneath the front of your vehicle. Therefore, if you notice puddles of green liquid in your driveway, garage, and/or other regular parking spaces, there is a good chance that your BMW’s water pump might be broken.

●      Engine Overheating: Your vehicle’s water pump is responsible for circulating coolant throughout its engine, which means the pump helps keep your vehicle’s engine within a viable temperature range. If the pump breaks, the engine may start to overheat. This can be quite dangerous, as it can cause parts of your BMW’s engine to warp, crack, and shut down entirely. As such, if your vehicle’s temperature gauge starts to show that the engine is overheating, you should take steps to address the problem as soon as possible.

●      Unusual Noises: In addition to coolant leaks and engine overheating, another common symptom of water pump failure is strange noises coming from your vehicle’s engine. More specifically, a high-pitched sound coming from the pump may indicate that a water pump pulley has loosened or a bearing has started to wear down. Both of these problems can cause serious damage if left unaddressed, and if ignored for long enough, they may damage your vehicle’s water pump beyond the point of repair.

●      Radiator Steam: A final common symptom of water pump failure is steam coming from your vehicle’s radiator. Part of the water pump’s job is to supply the radiator with plenty of water, and when it fails at this, the radiator reacts by producing steam. Therefore, a steaming radiator is a surefire sign that your vehicle’s water pump needs to be repaired or replaced.

Fixing the Problem

The best way to handle water pump failure is by preventing it in the first place. In order to do this, you should perform regular maintenance on both the water pump and your vehicle in general. Examples of this include routinely draining and refilling the coolant system, using the appropriate type of coolant for your vehicle, and replacing the pump whenever you replace the belt drive (approximately every 60,000-90,000 miles). In addition to performing your own maintenance, you should also schedule professional tune-ups for your BMW as recommended by the manufacturer.

Of course, there is no such thing as an invincible vehicle component, and despite your best efforts, your vehicle’s water pump may eventually fail. Unfortunately, a broken water pump is too complicated of an issue for an untrained individual to solve on their own. In fact, attempting to do so could have serious consequences for you and your vehicle. As such, if you notice any of the above symptoms, you should bring your BMW to our professional mechanics as soon as possible. They will resolve the situation safely and efficiently, which will save you time and money in the long run.

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