BMWs are well-known for many things including their engine’s high performance, their innovative and unique design, and also high-pressure fuel pump failure. Every vehicle brand has a part failure that seems to stick around through the years, and BMW is no exception. Many models of BMWs have faced this issue, and the first step is knowing what to look for to realize your car has a problem.

The high pressure fuel pump supplies fuel to your BMW’s twin turbo engine. The power of your engine requires that a special pump be used to keep up with fuel demand.

Watch for These Signs

You may notice any of the following when your high pressure fuel pump is failing. Being aware of these and bringing your car in to be inspected once you do is very important to maintain the level of performance you expect from your BMW.

Decreased gas mileage

If your high pressure fuel pump is malfunctioning or not functioning properly, you may notice more frequent gas fill ups. Your high pressure fuel pump is part of the fuel system in your car, and if it does not work the way it was intended then you will experience less fuel efficiency than before.

Starting Failure

If you are experiencing starting failure or difficulty to start, it may be due to your high pressure fuel pump failing. If the fuel isn’t making it to your engine for the combustion and ignition process then your engine cannot start.

Engine Issues

Your high pressure fuel pump is an essential part to keeping your engine running properly, if it fails then you may notice some issues with your engine. Your engine may make a knocking or clunking noise the first time you start your car in the morning, more so in colder conditions. Your engine may stall out while you are driving as a result of high pressure fuel pump failure or it may misfire.

If you notice any of these engine issues, bring your car in to be looked at right away. If you allow the problem to get worse you may risk your engine being permanently damaged and your own safety.

Rough Idling and Running

Luxury vehicles are notorious for their smooth running, so you may be shocked when you drive your BMW and find that it is stumbling or hesitating during acceleration and idling. While it may not be dangerous like so many other car issues, it certainly devalues your experience as a German car owner.

Limp Mode

If your car switches into safe or limp mode, this could be a sign that your high pressure fuel system has failed and you may be putting yourself and your engine at risk by driving the car. While your car is in safe mode, your vehicle will only shift up to a certain point and will not allow you to shift into a higher gear to protect its valuable components from taking more damage, as you head to a service center.

Preventing High Pressure Fuel Pump Failure

At Bavarian Workshop, we strive to provide every one of our customers with customized maintenance plans for their vehicles. Sticking to this service plan will be your best tool to prevent costly repairs that may take your car out of commission for longer than you would like.

BMW High Pressure Fuel Pump Repair

Apart from your maintenance plan, you should bring your car in for service the moment you realize something is wrong. Early detection is key in order to correctly identify and resolve issues with your BMWs high pressure fuel pump.

If your high pressure fuel pump in your BMW is malfunctioning and you are in the Agoura, Calabasas, Woodland Hills, West Hills, CA area, Bavarian Workshop is the top-rated auto shop in your area! With almost three decades of experience servicing German automobiles, we can assist you with any high pressure fuel pump replacement needs.

Bavarian Workshop understands that your German automobile is not just a car, it is an asset to its owner. Regular maintenance and service of your car is a valuable investment. We also understand that your vehicle is an extension of you, and we will rise to the level of service you would expect from a servicer of luxury vehicles. Give us a call today!

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