Although the BMW car is designed and manufactured to be reliable and durable, improper care may lead to serious problems that would damage the car. One of such problems is rust.

Rust occurs when ferrous metal (iron-based metal) undergoes oxidation. Oxidation occurs when the metal reacts with oxygen present in the environment to produce a new compound known as iron oxide. This new molecule has a brown color and it is known as rust.

On its own, iron doesn’t oxidize easily. However, because iron alone can not be used for making cars, carbon is added to it. The result is steel, which has more strength and is more flexible than pure iron. Steel, however, has even more impurities, and as a result, this increases the formation of rust.

Causes Of Rust

  • Rain: When your car is exposed to rain for a long time, the steel (an alloy of iron) combines with the oxygen in the rainwater. This leads to oxidation and rust is formed. It is important to cover your BMW when there is bad weather.
  • Salt: If your road management service uses road salt to dissolve ice and snow from your roads during winter, you are exposing the car to rust. Salt makes metal susceptible to rust. Not only that, the snow could melt and flow to corners of your vehicle where it would take time to evaporate. This could also lead to rusting.
  • Paint Damage: When the paint coating of your car begins to peel, the metal body becomes exposed. This makes your car vulnerable to rust. Any scratch that reveals the metal of your vehicle must not be taken lightly, because if that part is exposed to moisture, rusting would occur.
  • Improper Maintenance: If you do not care about the maintenance of your BMW, a simple rust problem may over time spread and become a serious issue. It is important to always inspect your vehicle for any damage that may lead to rusting. Regularly take your car for maintenance in a professional automobile shop.

Common Areas Where Rust Can Form In Your BMW

It is important to be on the lookout for rust in your BMW. Regularly check the following places:  any part of your car having an exposed metal, places where water easily accumulates, the trunk, the chassis, hubcap of the wheels.

How To Prevent Rust From Forming in Your BMW

Although BMW vehicles undergo corrosion protection treatments which are usually comprehensive to fight against rust, it may still form as your car gets older, especially if you don’t properly maintain your BMW.

The best way to prevent rust problems is proper maintenance. The following will help mitigate the formation of rust in your BMW.

  • Regular Car Wash: Make sure you wash your car always. Waiting till your car gets really dirty may harm the car because some particles in the dirt may destroy the car’s paintwork When washing your car, it is better to use a high-pressure cleaner, as it will help you clean spots that are not easily reached. It is advisable to wash it once every week and have a professional clean it once a month.
  • Inspect Your Car Regularly: While washing your BMW, check your rust or any exposed metal due to paint damage. Check the water channels and drain holes to ensure they are in good condition as any damage to these could lead to rust.
  • Immediate Repair: If you notice any damage that can cause rust or if you see any rust, take your BMW for repair before the rust starts spreading. Stopping the situation before it starts will save you a lot of money.
  • Apply Anti-Rust Coating: This will stop the formation of rust. It is peculiarly useful for those who live in extreme environments.

Regular BMW Wash

Bavarian Workshop Will Prevent and Fix Your BMW Rust Issues

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