At Bavarian Workshop, local to West Hills, Calabasas, and Woodland Hills, our auto mechanics routinely answer a fundamental question: should I maintain my BMW or take the plunge and buy a new one? We know when you drive a German automobile, you acquaint yourself with every hum and purr of the motor. Washing your vehicle is like an act of adoration. Routine maintenance is like a hymn of devotion. Even a simple gesture such as changing the oil is like an offering made to the altar of the German goddess.

However, devotion ain’t cheap. Those maintenance fees add up. Over time, major repairs and servicing become necessary. Slowly but sure, the German goddess requires more and more sacrifices. Thus, the age-old question: “Is it cheaper to keep her?”

No one likes breakups, least of all BMW owners. After years of hard work and a shared relationship, who wants to throw in the oil-stained towel and say: “It’s not you, it’s me?” However, there comes a time in the life of every BMW owner where this question must be asked and answered.

At Bavarian Workshop, our team of auto mechanics can help. It’s essential to define the relationship with your auto so that it can be as healthy as possible. At Bavarian Workshop, we can act as “relationship experts” for you and your BMW, so that you don’t have to decide that all-important question on your own. Our highly skilled auto mechanics can provide a detailed factory inspection and maintenance plan to make sure your German goddess continues to run well during her time with you.

Whether you end up keeping your BMW or setting her free to roam the distant havens of Valhalla, Bavarian Workshop is the place to go! Once you’re here, we’ll have a frank conversation about your goals, your current BMW, what you want in your future BMW, and your options. Schedule an appointment for an overall inspection at Bavarian Workshop to see if it’s cheaper to keep her. We are conveniently located at 23710 Vanowen in West Hills near Calabasas and Woodland Hills.

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